Objects missing from model view not from Animation View (Blender .FBX Export)


New to unity, I am working on moving a rigged model from Blender 2.8 to Unity. I’m having a ton of trouble getting the full model to move to Unity however.

I use the, to my understanding, standard .FBX export settings seen here

But when it is moved to Unity, it is not properly visible.

The file when imported to Unity shows the model as I selected from Blender perfectly in the Animation pane, but it does not show all the models in the Model View.

Model View
Animation View

In the Scene view, it again only uses the limited model.
Is this an issue with importing or exporting my model?

I’ve tried on Unity 3.3f1 through 3.5f1 as the updates come out. Only Blender 2.8.

After quite some digging and quite a lot of hair on my floor I think I’ve found the issue. The missing pieces of the mesh do not have the Mesh Renderer component enabled. I am not sure why this is not enabled on import, but I will have to do some more digging.