Objects move too slow

Hi guys!

If you have seen my previous questions I’m sure you know I’m making Fruit Ninja clone. Now the problem is I feel the objects to be slashed are moving too slow that it is very easy to slash them all without any miss.

This is the snippet on how I work on making the objects “fly”

    angle = Vector3(0, 0, Random.Range(7, 0));	//Determine the angle
	direction = Quaternion.Euler(angle) * transform.up;	//Determine the direction
	boxes.rigidbody.AddForce(direction * foodSpeed);

“angle” is to apply “arc” to the object’s movement, “direction” is to make the object “fly”, “foodSpeed” is to determine the power, how high I want the object to fly.

What have I done so far are:

  • Changing the gravity setting in Unity (default is Y: -9.8) but this will just make it “heavy”, it didn’t affect the speed at all
  • Played around with the Rigidbody properties (drag, angular drag, mass, interpolate) but seemed didn’t change anything
  • Adjusting the foodSpeed didn’t change anything, it just affected how high the object flew
  • Increased the time scale setting to 1.25 but it will ruin my game timer because the game is 60 seconds duration. So when I show the game timer on the screen, it ticks faster than normal time obviously

I have looked for solutions but no avail. I appreciate any tips and advice, thank you in advance =)

Increase your speed which will launch it up faster, and then counter it with a larger mass which will slow down the launch but also speed up the decent.