Objects not rendering on some devices (Mobile WebGL)

Im building a game for WebGL to be played via Webview on mobile devices, Unity 2022.2.19 and URP 14.0.7

On some devices (POCO X5, Sony Xperia XA2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, for example) the game is not rendering some objects with a mesh renderer. At first I thought that it was a problem with the adressables, since only the objects loaded that way had the problem and another couple of objects render correctly that are loaded with the scene, but I made a test scene with 4 cubes, one with the default lit mat, another couple with my custom material with diferent maps, and another with a lit simple mat, and neither of those render, the configuration between both objects with the default lit is the same.

So far we have tested in 50 devices and about 8 present this bug, what might be the problem?

Hello! I have the same issue on unity 2022.3.0 & URP 14.0.7. My game works fine on the web desktop, but not on mobiles. Did you find a solution?

Try to disable checkbox Enable GPU Instancing ☐ in the material properties, it could help to solve this issue.

Hi I’d like to share my experience. I have these kinds of issues also. All the devices you listed have Adreno GPUs.

All the devices I have the problem with have Adreno GPUs. I have found that materials using the URP/Lit shader are failing to render. Any that use the URP/Unlit or URP/Complex Lit are rendering.

I hope this helps or at least inspires some constructive discussion around the issue that gets us closer to a solution

Edit: Changing the shader to Complex Lit has so far only worked on one of my scenes