Objects receive a jittery and noisy shadow effect when the shadow is on

Hello perhaps others have had this problem but unfortunately I haven't been able to find them. the issue is I have a terrain that has some trees on it and I have put several buildings and what not. when I turn on the shadow (soft or hard)on the directional light I get some sort of noisy jittery effect on my buildings like the images I have attached below: alt text alt text alt text I was wondering how can I keep the shadows and avoid this issue


I've noticed this happens when objects are very large. Maybe you can make your city smaller.

Other than that, I don't know of another solution :(

actually I figured out how to fix this... all I had to do was changing the light attributes and adding proper cookie however, I think you might be right. I changed the size of the city as well and now I don't have these problems cheers