Objects slowly move by their own?

So I have few object with empty parent gameObjects as a center point, and I move them to one point with MoveTowards unitil they trigger with another collider. They have a Rigidbody and i execute it in FixedUpdate. But when the collide and I exit the loop with MoveTowards function they are very veryyy slowly moving you can barly see it… That cause me many problems becouse colliders exit trigger function which I dont want :confused: What can be the problem ? Rigidbody are also freezed and it not helped either :confused:

Instead of using fixedUpdate, use Update. Depending on the quality settings and screen resolution, the movement can change. Also, if you’re using a rigidbody, use the addforce feature to move the object if you want to simulate physics. If you’re just wanting to use MoveTowards, then specify the speed amount and multiply it by time.deltaTime.