Objects stutter when using First Person Controller?

Hi there, I noticed not so long ago that when using the default FPS controller, if I move around an object while trying look at it there is some really annoying stutter. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks!

Hi, I’m facing the same issues here. The more I think about the problem the more I think the issue is the physically incorrect path the character is following. The implementation moves the character along a linear path between two frames. Ideally it should move it along an arc. This has nothing to do with smoothing. It’s that the camera ends up in a position relative to the surrounding world that does not match the otherwise correct viewing angle.
So, reducing the amount of movement or rotation will result in a less incorrect path. The result is the effect gets less visible. Also increasing the framerate will help to get a more correct path, as the linear movement error will reduce.
A best solution would be to calculate the correct path of the character / camera based on arc movement, e.g. the rotation speed should influence the calculation of the next frame character position.
There must be some standard way of doing this. Please share a link if somebody knows a paper or code snipped :slight_smile:

I have this problem too, can’t find anything about this! Tried almost everything, used FixedUpdate, Update, LastUpdate, even tried averaging the mouse input.

I have a similar problem except it happens on my 2d game camera. When i hit an object and smash it, the fragments all scatter off and stutter as they do so.
I put the camera follow into a fixedUpdate and it sorted it, but then the car ir was focusing on started to stutter! argh!