Objects (Trees, stones) are colorful after windows build

Hi all,

im completely lost on this issue.
After i build my scene, my objects like the trees or stones, are completly colorful.

it supposed to look like this (Game view)

As you can see, in game view, everything is fine, i also had no errors on build or even warnings that would give me a hint on that issue.
The issue is also on the UI. The UI elements, like background, looks like a broken GPU

Ive also tested it on another system with the same resulst.

Does anyone can give me hints, where to lookt at, to maybe find a solution? As i said, im complelty lost here

Thanks in advance

it seems like that im facing the 4GB Texture limitation in unity.
I just searched for the wrong terms to find that one.

Links for ref:


Will close this one here.