Objects won't batch.

Hi, i’m sure it’ll probably be something stupid i haven’t noticed, but i can’t get a bunch of object to batch.
They have the same material, are set as Static but not as lightmapping static so they don’t get lightmapped, they are not scaled (they stay at their 1,1,1) and are just copies of the same prefab dragged in.
I even checked the vertice limit and it’s below 300 for each prefab.
They won’t batch even if i clear the lightmaps, so they are not the ones braking the batching.
And yes, dynamic batching is activated in the player settings.
The rest of the stuff batch! Inlcuding other - more complex prefabs - that share the same material.

check your mesh UV

i think when you are clearing light map your Light map uv count is still left on your mesh and its increasing your vertex count thats why batching is not working .so

you need to check your mesh uv channels UV0,UV1

if both the channel is available in your mesh then you need to del UV1 channel bec its using for light map , otherwise you can reduce your vertex count less than 180 vertices.