Obstacle avoidance with 2.5D game

I’m struggling in my game to achieve something like this:

video with example

To do so I decided to have a 3D environment with an Orthographic camera. It all looks as I wanted.

I have set up a plane. My sprites have a 3dCollider and a rigidbody as I want them to be affected by physics.


I move the sprites using RigidBody.MovePosition.

And I’m struggling to make the sprites avoid each other and other obstacles in the field. I’ve tried a few scripts that intend to do something like this, but I think they are not suitable from what I am doing as after adapting them they don’t work.

Can somebody give me some guidance on a simple way to do this? I don’t want to use a a* path finding system as I think it’s too complex to what I want to do, but if I have to use one I will… I just need some guidance on this…

You are asking for serious trouble doing it with 3d like that.

I would do 2d box colliders on a plane with a navmeshagent on each. That looks exactly how they did it in the video.

Animate the characters with a simple blend tree like here

Did you find a solution to this? As I am also stuck with a very similar project. (Mine is more like Paper Mario)