Obtaining a proper scale.

Getting the scale of any game right seems to me to be one of the hardest thing. In real life a door is around 2-2.5m tall and 1m wide, but in unity that looks way to small to a 1.8m tall player. I remember years ago when I was make source engine mods. The standard door was 128 units tall, where as the player was only 73 units, this left the player staring almost directly at the doors door handle which i always though was odd, but in game it looked right.

So really my question is: What scale do you guys use, and why does a correct scale look so damn wrong in a video game?

I would just say mess with the scale ingame until it looks and feels right. I’ve had to do this a lot for my different games. My character is usually 5, 10, 5 in scale. Just create a test scene and mess around with the objects sizes.