Occlusion Culling in a Web Player

I am attempting to use Occlusion Culling for a project that is going onto the web. As far as I can tell, occlusion culling is baking and working fine in editor and in standalones, but as soon as I build a web player, it no longer occludes anything beyond basic frustum culling.

Does anyone have any idea either A) whether or not occlusion culling works in the web player builds from Unity or B) how to get them to work?

Any help would be much appreciated, the documentation is sorely lacking on this feature.

You can not stream occlusion culling, its not mergable. Also occlusion culling data storage has nothing to do with the camera, its part of the scene and scene only

Occlusion culling is only present in the level thats loaded with LoadLevel / LoadLevelAsync, any level thats loaded with LoadLevelAdditive or its forms will lose all occlusion culling data.

So if you want to use the additive level functions and have occlusion culling, the initial scene you load with LoadLevel must have all the OC data in already ie all baked within it.

To solve this, I tried:

  • adding the dynamically loaded scene prefab in the base scene
  • bake OC
  • delete the prefab from the base scene

It appears that OC is not working proceeding like this.
Is there any trick to solve this ?