Occlusion culling problem objects behind larger objects dont get culled


Ive looked through every tutorial and guide about occlusion culling now but i cant find an answer to my problem.
I have a big city project, when i bake occlusion culling (tried with many different parameters) it bakes correctly and the visualisation preview also looks fine. But my main camera is following a car (player), and as soon as i accelerate my car the occlusion culling seems to stop working, and many objects that should be culled because they are behind larger objects, get rendered anyways… as soon as i deaccellerate/drive backwards the culling increases again…



I hope its visible in the the video what i mean, the view distance of the camera is 1000 meter, the reason for that is if im on a higher point in the city, it must still be visible in distance, but there are so many small moldular static objects like sidewalk parts etc BEHIND larger static buildings, which simply dont get culled properly when im driving.

I would appreciate any advice, if more screens/recordings/infos are need i can provide them as well.

I’m having the same issue. I’m not happy with the lack of documentation and support to this issue.