Occlusion Culling question.

A pretty simple question I want to ask.

Do you have to activate Occlusion Culling or does it apply itself to the engine?. If it does run by itself, do I need to prepare in game models in a certain way or not?.

The reason I ask this, is because my game is starting to slow down (less than 120 FPS), and I was wondering if the Occlusion Culling was even on. My PC is more than fast enough (Windows index 5.0) and I even have L.O.D active.

Oh, I do use unity Pro

It's not automatic. You have to do a little work. :)

There are two kinds of culling that I know about.

  1. Frustrum Culling. Objects that are outside of the camera's field of view aren't rendered. Unity does this automatically.

  2. Occlusion Culling. This is a way to make sure objects that are inside the camera's field of view aren't rendered for various reasons, like if another object is between them and the camera and blocking the player's view. The camera sees "through" objects even if the player can't. You have to set this up before Unity will do it.

Here's a helpful guide: Unity: Occlusion Culling