Oculus Audio Spatializer with the Vive?

I have a scene with a box that has a audio source and a player which is the audio listener. I set the Spatializer Plugin to OculusSpatializer. All audio sources do have a audio file and I made sure that the Spatial Blend is set to 3D. When I make a build version and try running it through the Vive, most of the audio does not work. The only one that does work is the ambient noise, which the spatial blend is set to 2D.

Am I right in assuming that the spatilization plugin will not work with the Vive? Can someone recommend me something to get 3D audio to work.


@TareqProjects, @buttmatrix, I know it’s a bit late but I just stumbled across this solution from Steam. It apparently came out Feb 27th this year.

Check out the link for more details:

If it helps, I too have run into issues using OVR assets on Vive (details here). Suffice to say I do not recomend it and I would suggest GoogleVR Audio SDK which has proven to be agnostic in my experience.