Oculus Compositor / Overlay loading screen

I've been search all day, but to no avail - there doesn't seem to be much info out there on what I'm looking for (for a junior level dev at least).

I've done an VR experience for the Vive, which uses SteamVR_LoadLevel to take the user to the SteamVR compositor, with a quad to say what's happening, then loads all the scenes and then goes back to the experience when everything has finished loading.

I now need to do this for Oculus. I'm attempting to use OVROverlay, with OVRRTOverlayconnector, using a cubemap.

The test cubemap that I've added, gets automatically replaced by a RenderTexture at run time... which leads to continuous console errors stating 'Need Cubemap texture for cube map overlay'.

My Google-fu is being super weak here, and I'm in need of some help, please!

Did you ever find out anything on how to do this? It's crazy but there is like ZERO information out there on doing loading screens for Oculus SDK with Unity. At this point I am literally just using the OVRScreenFade script to fade to black and then fading back in, but even that doesn't seem right (since you can clearly see the different colors of black).

I didn't get to finish it, the need for Oculus support was no longer required on that project. But I believe I figured out what to do.

Use OVROverlay.cs https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/latest/concepts/unity-ovroverlay/

If I remember correctly, I did it with quads, but there are a few different options available.

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I posted kind of a similar question to the Oculus forums and received some answers. What I'm currently stuck with is that there doesn't seem to be a way to let the overlays fade in and out (which is really important for a smooth user experience).

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Any luck with this?

Fast forward 4 years into the future yet we still cannot find a proper solution... Did anyone find a solution?

This should be part of XR management/Open XR.

What about this part of the future? any answer?
couldn't manage to do it with the OVR Overlay

I just have a have a room (game object with a camera and set to do not destroy on load ) and I activate/deactivate when loading. It is not perfect but something, lets the player know something is happening and the game isn’t stuck.

Unity moves very slow… maybe in another 3 years, maybe…

Also, hopefully, we might see something via open xr. I am sure everyone has this issue, including other game engines.

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