Oculus Fly Camera


I have Oculus Rift and have no problems adding the standard OVRPlayerController and then being able to walk around my project.

However for some projects i need to be able to fly around instead of walk. I tried changing the OVRPlayer Controller script Gravity modifier to 0 and that seemed to disable movement (apart from head tracking). I also tried changing the gravity settings in project settings to 0 and this also seemed to disable movement. Any ideas? FYI i am new to programming.

Thanks in advance!


In the OVRPlayerController you can found a If statement “if (!Controller.isGrounded)”.
If the player is in the air, so not grounded the movement will be set to 0.

You can simpely turn this statement off. So you can move when your player is in the air.

did you find any solution?

I have exactly the same problem and I’m looking for a solution as well.
Do anyone have suggestion about how to modify the player controller to add flying capabilities?