Oculus Gear VR OnApplicationPause event (Unity3d 5.0)

Hello all! :slight_smile: I use Unity3d 5.0 and Oculus VR sdk for unity3d 5.0.

When headset removed, app continues to run for about 10 seconds with eye displays off (I know this because of sound output), then pauses itself without activating code in my OnApplicationPause event.

How i can reduce this “10 seconds”? I need 1 or 2, no more.

Any help greatly appreciated, all my googling and rebuilding leading to same dead ends.

I have the same issue. any solutions so far? I am using unity 5.0…2f1. with oculus sdk 0.6.1
(I wanted to add a comment but I don’t have enough permissions…)

Same issue with Unity 5.3.2 as well. :frowning:

Any success?

Approaches have changed over time, but here’s the best summary I’ve found: Reload game scene when take away Gear VR - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions