Oculus Integration Package IAP Error Code 0


I started getting a weird and unexpected behavior from the In-App Purchasing system from Meta in my app. I have followed every guideline from their documentation and It got to the point that it was working perfectly but suddenly stopped and started throwing this error:

"Error OVRPlatform [AndroidPlatformIntegration] In-app purchase failed. errorCode=0, httpStatusCode=0, errorMessage={"category":"user_canceled","code":0,"message":"The purchase has been canceled."}"

There already is a thread on the Meta VR Forum - which is linked below - but I figured to post it here to see if someone else has stumbled upon this error.



I've asked Meta to help - responses might be delayed due to holidays.

Any update on this?

Becase OculusSDK think that's a error
I have a solution:
Change function

public static void TerminateWithError(Message msg)
if (msg.GetError() != null && msg.GetError().Code != 0)
    Debug.LogError("Error: " + msg.GetError().Message);
     Debug.Log("Purchase cancelled by user.");

Has anyone managed to resolve this?
We have the same issue :(