Oculus Launch Issue

We have published an application for oculus from unity and we end up with two executable files (.exe) and a data folder.

  1. game.exe

  2. game_DirectToRift.exe

Now when we try to launch one of them on windows 7, inside Oculus display it shows only a warning message and the gameplay does not starts. We need to go to folder and start the other exe file in order to run my gameplay.

Now my question is

  1. Is this right way to run the Oculus application on windows 7?

  2. Do we need to run both of the exe files in order to get the application running on Oculus?

  3. If it is so, is there any specific order like:

i) first we need to run game.exe then run game_DirectToRift.exe or

ii) first we run game_DirectToRift.exe then run game.exe ?

Please guide us if we are missing any settings or not following proper order of steps for publishing.

Regards & Thanks