Oculus Quest - Screen freezes/image follows face upon returning to main menu

So I’ve been seeing this issue in my Oculus Quest app where, upon returning to the main menu from a level, the screen freezes and the image follows your face around - I’m not sure if there’s a name for this but I feel there should be, since I’ve seen it happen many times and I’m sure others have too. At first I thought it was because the OVRManager component of my OVRCameraRig was getting destroyed/disappearing, but I made sure it didn’t disappear and it’s still happening. Then, I thought it was because the OVRManager was getting disabled, so I made sure it’s always enabled and the same thing happens. I do know that the object that is the parent of the OVRCameraRig, which we have called the Overlord, has clones that are created and then instantly destroyed - it seemed like this may be causing the issue but I’m not sure. Has anyone seen this behavior before, and does anyone know what causes it? I’m using Unity version 2019.3.15f1, Oculus Utilities version 1.51.0, OVRPlugin version 1.51.0, SDK version 1.51.0. Thanks!

This will happen when you load a new scene, and if you don’t fade the screen to black (or a single color) this freeze will be noticed by the player. It happens even if you use SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(), the duration depends of how long it takes to load the scene.