Oculus Quest

Can Oculus Quest be used to play a game in Unity Editor? What I want is to start developing a game and see the progress. Like how my in-game camera is moving while I move the headset. Or my player is shooting if I press a button from Oculus Quest Controller. I hope it’s not a stupid question, but please answer it :slight_smile: Thanks in advance because I know Unity has the best community and forums where the people really know how to explain! :slight_smile:

You can’t edit live in the headset, you’ll need a desktop HMD like a Rift. You’ll have to build out to the Quest whenever you make changes.

You need an Oculus Link cable if you want to edit your project in real-time as you do with other HMD devices.
Look for one named Anker on Amazon. It is what I use and it’s way cheaper than the Oculus Link cable!

i think it will work with eny cable u just have to enable oculus link
,i think it worked with a normal cable put i cant tell

U Just need a cable