Oculus Rift controller gravity off?


I have Oculus Rift and have no problems adding the standard OVRPlayerController and then being able to walk around my project. However for some projects i need to be able to fly around instead of walk. I tried changing the OVRPlayer Controller script Gravity modifier to 0 and that seemed to disable movement (apart from head tracking). I also tried changing the gravity settings in project settings to 0 and this also seemed to disable movement. Any ideas?

Hi to remove gravity just go into the OVRPlayerController.cs and look around line 220, you should find the following:

// No positional movement if we are in the air

	if (!Controller.isGrounded)
		MoveScale = 0.0f;

Just comment this block out and set your gravity modifier to 0 and your player will no longer be effected by gravity that’s being controlled by this class.