Oculus Rift DK2 Screen Question

I know that Oculus has one screen, but two camera views for both eyes. I know how the game screen has to be the black background and two circle’ish views. But is there a possibility for me when making Oculus supported game to make the main game window with two circle’ish views, and display it on the Oculus screen, but on my computer monitor i can have different unity cameras showing?
I want to see the world through Oculus in first person view, but my friends to see me in-game in 3rd person view on my computer monitor.
Thanks in advance.

How about setting the condition?
For example, after setting another camera which shows -not circular- Unity world.
When you pressed ‘1’, circular display shows.
And when you pressed ‘2’, the camera shows.

Same situation here. My setup is a FullHD monitor and the Rift, side by side. My progress so far is setting up a 3840*1080 borderless window (via -popupwindow), where half of the resolution shows on the rift and the other half in my monitor. I can get the rift half working, but the rest is blacked out.

The problem is Oculus seems to draw its two viewports and fade everything else to black, which makes the rest of the game invisible.