Oculus Rift VR no longer working in my game (I'm on 2019.2.0a13)

I cannot get Oculus Rift VR working in my game anymore (I’m on 2019.2.0a13).

It was working in the 2017 build but now I keep getting the two errors below:

Could not load symbol ovrp_EndEye2 : The specified procedure could not be found.

XR: Oculus could not be loaded: Failed to load symbol ovrp_EndEye2.

Could not load symbol ovrp_SetDepthProjInfo : The specified procedure could not be found

Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize. Will attempt to enable None instead.

All I see is a view from the level’s floor on my PC screen and neither the headset nor controllers have any effect whatsoever (inside the headset it just shows Oculus Home as though the game isn’t even running):

Anyone got any clues?

I had the same problem a couple days ago.
Are you sure you have an object with the OVRManager in the scene ?
Is the problem still happening when you start a new project?
In the player settings, is VR support selected? If yes, click it again to reimport vr settings.
In the player settings, are the two options underneath the oculus checked?
Try disconnecting the HDMI from your GPU and reconnecting it.

I think the problem started with me closing my laptop while working in a project. It didn’t like the sleep mode in combo with the oculus.
I also read something about backing up the … folder, it think it was the library folder. Not sure can’t check but its the one with the input settings in it. Backup your project, remove the folder and let unity reimport the scripts and stuff.