Oculus Store VRC issue (TestSubmitFramesWhenNotVisible)

We are having issues with the final steps bringing our finished game to the Oculus store. If you want to upload your game you have to check your game with the VRC Validator. We have done this, resolved multiple issues, only to get stuck on one specific issue: the "TestSubmitFramesWhenNotVisible" keeps returning "failed". This simply tests if your app stops submitting frames when the Universal Menu (or Oculus Dash) is open.

Now we've dug through Oculus documentation but weren't able to find much. We've tried the following things:

  • Disable "Run in background" in Project settings > Player
  • Set TimeScale to 0 when OVRManager.hasInputFocus is false
  • Set TargetFrameRate to 0 when OVRManager.hasInputFocus is false
  • Disable all GameObjects in the scene when OVRManager.hasInputFocus is false
  • Turned on shared depth buffer in PlayerSettings > XR

We are pretty much stuck on this and it's too bad because we are nearly done with our game and we have no idea what Oculus wants from us. If one of you has experience with Oculus and/or this particular issue I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this and how you think this could be helped. We are using Unity 2018.2.19 and the newest version of Oculus integration.

Any Luck solving this yet?