Oculus VR delay when turn head

Hi guys

I have a problem when I build an app for oculus quest. Precisely when I turn my head I have a little delay in the side rendering of the viewer, which remains black for a few seconds and only if I turn my head very slowly does not happen.
Any suggestion?

I tried with two version of unity 2018.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

Well AFAIK it pre-renders stuff outside of your FOV so the hardware can compensate for rendering latency, by showing the user parts of this bigger screen. When you turn your head slowly, you will see everything without much latency even if your FPS is low (because oculus will take visible parts of the 360 screen). But not everything 360° around you is rendered, so if you turn your head abruptly, you will reach a part of the screen that is not yet rendered by your game. There’s not much you can do about it, except for increasing your FPS