Oculus VR menu/ interface to start and stop executables in VR

I would like to create an interface view able in the Oculus were you can start your chosen application by looking at it like the cardboard functionality. In this menu you can choose between 3 options.
I also like to combine this with two joystick buttons. 1 that starts, and button 2 stops the chosen experience.

Thank You 7a for your quick answer! I am going to take a look if this works for me. Kind regards.

I’ve mixed this kind of functionalty Oculus Utilities: navigation and menu itself and Unity VR Samples: Gaze Input and put it on GitHub GitHub - real7a/OVRi: Gaze Input with Oculus Utilities for Unity

Adding/changing controller buttons must be pretty easy. Running external executables must be easy too Running an external EXE file from Unity - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions and how should they switch seamlessly in VR is a question :slight_smile: