Oculus: Works fine in editor but not working in build

I tested on an empty project, imported Oculus 1.38, ran the basic “Controller” scene from Oculus samples. Works fine on editor with Oculus Rift S, but when I try to build it on Oculus Quest, the app crashes after the Unity splash screen.

The project has settings to build for Oculus Quest (Android platform, player settings, etc.)

However, if I remove the LocalAvatar prefab, the app runs fine. But the controller inputs weren’t working properly (sometime it registers, sometimes it doesn’t).

Apparently it’s an issue with the latest Oculus Quest update 7. It’s breaking all sideloaded apps including Unity builds.

The fix:

Oculus > Tools > Create store android manifest

Before building make sure uninstall the app from Oculus Quest, then build.