Odd Water-Shader Issue, when playing.

It looks fine in the Editor, and after I test the scene it looks good as well before.
Now if I move my Player, or Camera… It changes to a weird “Blurry Water” look.

I am not sure why it’s doing this, it started yesterday and is driving me nuts.
Before this it was ok, I could walk around and it was all fine…
I am not sure if I touched something, Setting or is it a bug?

Only thing I did the day before was add a Camera + Render Texture for a Mirror.
Added a day/Night to control the Directional Light. (Disabled Both) and still doing it.

Note: Selecting Objects in Scene, is also not working…

Normal, as I wanted it. (Before, Working)

And after I Move Player, or Camera. (Recently)

Looks like your having some lighting issue can u show your settings for your light in the scene?