ODR (on demand resources) support in visionPro

Our Vision Pro app size is about 8gb (reducing the size to 4gb, the limited allowed by apple is not posible) so we need to use on demand resources, but there is no option on the player settings to turn ODR on.
I there any workaround to activate ODR?

Are you perhaps looking for Unity - Manual: AssetBundles (unity3d.com) or something different?

Hi Joejo, I´m talking about this:

there is no option to enable it on the player settings on the vision platform

Still trying to figure out how ot enable odr, also to make addressable work with odr :frowning:

So, I’m not sure what the level of support for this is or will be. However, you can comment on :pushpin: Recommendations for Official Support - visionOS - Unity Discussions to surface it up to product management as something you’d like to see supported.

If, on the other hand, you feel that this is a bug you can file a bug in Unity and post the incident id here (IN-XXXXXX) and we’ll take a look.