Official ShaderReplacement project not working

Trying to learn shaders, opened up the ShaderReplacement scene to take a look under the hood. It is a fresh download off the Unity website.

All of the scenes included do not work, in different ways.

This is what I see in the EdgeDetection scene's Game view. Note that the shader effect seems to take place where the menu bar should be!

SoftParticles scene displays fire when I jump, but not when I jump again (also camera is offset from the FirstPersonController??)

Depth of field has 0 effect.

UV mapping shows everything as grey and white checkerboard.

GlowingThings has no glow.

I am on a laptop running Mac OSX 10.6.1 but have duplicated the problem on my work's Mac desktop, which runs 10.5.?

Thank you for your time. Apologies if its a straightforward fix, I am new to shaders.

Most of those shaders require Unity Pro (Glow and Depth of Field for sure, can't remember which others right now)

My guess is if you're running the free version, most of it will just not do much as you've seen

You need Unity Pro for those to work. (OK, so Mike beat me by 3 seconds...payback for this it seems. ;) )