Offset a Sprite for animation

I’m looking to offset a sprite during animation. I think what I really want is to be able to modify the anchor points, but that’s proving not super easy at the moment and I’m wondering if there’s an alternate route.

Basically I have an attack frame that should also “scoot” up the character without actually impacting where the game object is located because they will snap back to their original location once the attack frame is over.

Any suggestions would be great- if this gets no traction, I’ll just have to figure out anchor points more better.

I think the anchor points can be manipulated - but it is probably better to set up a hierarchy to aid with this instead.
Place two game objects where the anchor point should be - first object is MasterJoint. Second object is movable joint.
Parent the character to movable joint and parent movable joint to Masterjoint. Animate movable object when you want the character to move up.
Use the Masterjoint as the “anchor point” so you will have access to the original character position - for whatever you need that for, code or repositioning the character - or whatever. :slight_smile: