Offsetting object to below another constantly?

So, what I’ve got here, is code which finds the position of the wheel collider, and makes the position of a specific bone the same.
However, because they are at the same position, they are inside each other.
How do I set it up, so that the track is always below the wheel collider? (Collider radius is 0.095)
So far I have looked through a series off solutions to no avail.

public class TrackBehaviour : MonoBehaviour {

	public WheelCollider targetTrack;
	private Vector3 trackPosition = new Vector3();
	private Quaternion trackRotation = new Quaternion ();

	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
		targetTrack.GetWorldPose(out trackPosition, out trackRotation);
		transform.position = trackPosition;

Don’t do this in your script…parent the track to the wheels!