OGG won't play in my iOS Game

I’m finding mixed information on Unity’s support pages. I am told that OGG is both supported and not supported. However, the audio files that I am using in my program are OGG and play back fine when I run them in the project folder. However, when they are called in my game they do not play anything.

I have verified that the code is acquiring the sounds and calling them when required.

Otherwise, here are my settings for all relevant audio:
3D Sound=true;
Load Type=decompress;
Hardware Decoding=true;

Since 3.5 you need to check if the AudioSource is playing or not, then call Play()



Another thing you can check if you can’t hear your sound is setting the minDistance property of the Audio source. Your audio listener might be too far away to hear the 3D sound so try increasing that too.

Looking in my rolloff window showed me that the volume went from 1-0 over a time period. Leveling it out to be 1 the whole way across got my sounds playing