Old Input System Gamepad Synced Controls

I am currently using the old input system for a local multiplayer game. For an unknown reason, when I get input from one gamepad through an input, it also sends that input to other inputs. What I mean is that I will press the “A” key on my xbox controller and both players will jump instead of the player who is controller by that gamepad. This happens so far with the “A” key and the triggers, but not the thumbsticks. The other inputs have not been put in a situation where this could be observed.
In project settings > input, my inputs (“A Button Joystick 1” and “A Button Joystick 2”) are set to use different joysticks. In my script, the script has a joystickNumber int which it uses in the input string, and this int is correct in the scripts.
I do not know why this is happening. Any help is appreciated (except not helping me but instead just telling me to switch to the new input system, that is not appreciated).

have you used different joystick numbers in each postive button
e.a: positive button on joystick 1 should be “Jpystick 1 button 5” instead of “Joystick button 5”?

type it in manually instead of choosing the JoyNum on the bottom cause that only works for axises, not buttons.?