Old school racer: can I do it in Unity?


First of all, I’m sorry for the silly question but I’m not really a programmer. I can use Unity well in itself, and I use 2D Toolkit to make prototypes and stuff, but I recently was trying to make a small a racing game since I was fascinated by this tutorial:
https://codeincomplete.com/articles/javascript-racer-v1-straight/ (this is the first part)

it involves some javascript, which afaik is supported by Unity, but there are too many basic things that I’m missing: for example, this game is made for browsers so it also uses HTML code, and I’m not sure where that code who’s in index.html would have to be put in Unity.

Basically, I’m trying to recreate this demo (I even downloaded the whole source) in Unity but I already hit a wall, as when imported “common.js” the console already gave me errors.

So, any help would be appreciated, I’m literally using all my free time on this.

The source code is here

Thank you.

no you can’t just copy and paste this source code…

unity works in a completely different way.

to create a game in unity you must be able to program.
at least some basic stuff