Old TV Set post effect

Hello everybody!
I wonder how to make a post image like this:
or this:

It is and very old tv-set effect and im trying to split it into components.
First I suppose the image has a very low color’s depth, like a 256 colors per pixel.
How can it be done in Unity? How to transform an full color image into very bad quality image?
Second there is a color correction and… something else…
The third is noise
And the last things in the monkey is splitting into 2 images, like a 3d cinema effect …

Is it a hard work to make it?

Personally, I would use After Effects or Motion/Shake to do this. You just need to break the effect down to its constituent parts, apply them one at a time, and then tweak each one.

•Low color saturation (this is what you are confusing for low bit depth, TV sets have unlimited color range because they are analog)

•Low contrast between colors

•Chromatic aberration (this is what is causing the ghosting, basically the electron guns dont quite line up so there is separation of the RGB channels, Wiki article here)

Ghosting due to extremely low refresh rate (this gives you the fading effect from frame to frame)

Image blur (to soften the whole image due to lack of resolution in TV CRT’s)

Looking at that list, it would be pretty time consuming to develop a full screen shader for this, not to mention you would absolutely kill your frame rate. If you NEED it done in realtime, you can do things like the low saturation and contrast in the colors in texture so you dont have to re-calculate it every frame. The other three effects could be done in real time, I know there are examples of chromatic aberration online; you will need render to texture to do the image blur. As for the ghosting from frame to frame…not sure how you would do it, something similar to motion blur but with a very slow fadeout from frame to frame possibly. I still recommend doing it in an external editor if you are applying it to a texture for a video screen.

I know it’s a very old post, but if someone still need something like this :slight_smile:
OLD TV Shader