Omnisharp update v1.23.3 breaks references to common unity namespaces

I noticed after updating to omnisharp that one of my plugin namespaces wasn't being recognized anymore. Then when I brought up omnisharp in the panel I noticed a whopping 5k errors. This happened immediately after updating to omnisharp v1.23.3. Anyone know how to roll back to 1.23.2?

I've tried everything mentioned here:

EDIT: looks like its already been reported:

I found that rolling back to 1.23.2 does fix the issue for the time being


Oh wow... just spent the last 3 hours tearing up my dev env only to stumble upon this thread...

1.23.2 rollback...priceless.


Same issue here, some projects are broken while others remain untouched.

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Got this nasty error and spent a whole afternoon trying to fix it. Somehow setting Unity's 'External Script Editor' option to Visual Studio 2019 fixed the problem for me.

Waiting for the fix. I really don't want to accidentally open Visual Studio when I debug and have the computer freeze for a good minute.

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