On Android: move a folder to the PersistentDataPath

Hi all,

I really need to get access on some folders/file during the game play, with the possibility to update them.

So for example i’d like to retrieve the list of the file names in a specific folder on the dataPath.

This should work on Windows/OSX/Android.

I know something about Resources, StreamingAssets, Persistent Data Path, DataPath… but in all these cases I still cannot retrieve files on Android system.

Right now, for example, I’ve placed some files (images, xml, etc) in the StreamingAsset folder, and in the first Awake a script copies all the content of this folder into the PersistentDataPath folder. This is working perfectly on Windows / OSX, but not on Android, since it seems I cannot get directly access to the DataPath (or StreamingAsset) since they’re into a jar unzipped file. (as described here).

So can you suggest me a possible solution? The problem is solved if I can copy a folder from the .apk to the persistentDataPath.

Thanks all!

I think you should use www to load StreamingAssets in android.
see this link