on click event doesn't show public method of script

I want to call a method on a script through a button OnClick() Event (not that unusual). The method takes a custom enum as an argument and sits on a GameObject I referenced. For some reason, the method doesn’t show up when I want to select it from the little selection menu, although all other public -methods on the script do show up (even those with argument). Just in case it matters, my button GameObject is a prefab.

Thanks for the help in advance.


+1, Same issue with a custom SceneReference parameter.

I see it’s an old question, but maybe my answer could give some help for future reference.

This is a well known issue, you can’t use enums as parameter for button events set using the inspector.

You can see this has been requested to be added more than 5 years ago here

You could use int as a parameter and cast it to your enum value.