On colision Enter

I use for my fps game this script, for spawning bullet:

var x = Instantiate(proiettile, posizione.position, posizione.rotation);

I don’t now why, with my script, for destroy bullet on collision enter doen’t work. I don’t know, I don’t find nothin about my problem. This’s the script for destroy the bullet
#pragma strict

function Start () {

function Update () {


function OncollisionEnter(coll : Collision)

firstly,give ‘collision’ in ‘OncollisionEnter’ A capital C.

If that doesn’t work , keep the capital C and write this:

function OnCollisionEnter (theCollision : Collision) { //the collision function. 
if(theCollision.gameObject.name == "Your Object name here") { //if your bullet collides with whatever your object is called.
Debug.Log("Collision");//Write 'Collision'
Destroy(gameObject);//destroy self
}//Copy and paste this and rename "Your Object name here" for each different object that destroys the bullet.

You need an if statement inside the OnCollisionEnter() function. This should work!