on collision loading a new level

Hello All
I have a short game with about 5 levels.

As the FPS Cam navigates along a path they collide with an invisible plane that has a javascript on it to load level on collision.

Sometimes it works and sometimes not,

(rather it works in Unity, but not all the tim in iOs. All levels are listed in the game settings, so that’s not it)

I am running the 5 beta and the colliders must be convex.

Any Ideas? Thanks in Advance

Here’s the javascript:

#pragma strict

var levelToLoad : String = "nextLevel";

function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider) {

Make the Trigger bigger.

If its to small the collision check might not occur when the player actually collides with the trigger.

In case anyone has this problem with Unity5

  1. The Trigger checked needs to be Convex
  2. “Constant Detections” help on the Rigidbody on the Camera/Player.
  3. I also put a few planes back to back : if the player is going fast and zooms through the first