On Fresh Install Of Unity Hub, Can't Download Any Unity Editors

Hey friends, I recently downloaded unity to my PC, and any time I try to download an editor from the hub, I get a very long error. I've tried this both on the beta hub, and the normal hub, and both result in the same (very confusing) error.


Has anyone encountered this before? What was the remedy?

How do I go about fixing this? I can download an editor from the archives, but I would like to use the hub as it has some functionality I'd like to use, and is recommended by Unity itself. I've tried installing the hub several times, but to no avail.

I would love to solve this issue so that I could start learning!

Thanks, Jack


Hey Jack! Thank you for raising this up!
Could you please report it as a bug using the Bug Reporter within the Hub?
To do so, go to Account Settings > Troubleshooting > Report a Bug