on iphone is persistentDataPath the equivalent of Documents?

I’m trying to sort out the unity Application data paths for iphone.

Can someone explain how each one relates to the iphone.

Application.dataPath --not useful on iphone?
Application.streamingAssets --only for things you will download with www?
Application.persistentDataPath – same as documents?
Is this right?

So I know I’m posting this under an old question but this is what I know (or think I do :slight_smile:

  • persistentDataPath - a location that you are allowed to write to on the device, so you can keep files there between runs
  • streamingAssetPath - the location that anything in the projects StreamingAssets folder has been copied to. This is for things that the device needs to know about using a local filename, like movies to play on the OS movie player
  • dataPath - This is the Data folder under your apps install on the phone - you can’t write to this, but I think it’s the folder under which persistentDataPath and streamingAssetPath live.

When I want some data to exists after updating the app, is it the place (persistentDataPath) to keep it? I mean user do some stuff, buy some things, and I want to store that info even after I send next version of my app, so after updating the app user will have tehe same previous bought things.