On network change ownership fails Enter/Exit Car

I got all networking setup working. When i enter in a car server can drive normaly but client cant move car. Client can create his own car by Netwok.Instantiate but this time server cant move this car. I tried changing owner but failed all time. Here is code in car whats wrong?

	if (other.tag == "Player" && Input.GetKeyDown("f")&&notInCar) {
		player = other.gameObject;
		NetworkViewID viewID = Network.AllocateViewID();
		networkView.RPC("EnterCar", RPCMode.AllBuffered, viewID);

    public void EnterCar(NetworkViewID viewID){
	NetworkView nView;
	nView = this.gameObject.GetComponent<NetworkView>();
	nView.viewID = viewID;

Ok i solved this issue. You just cant call change view id with RPC on same network viewer. Just create some game object called “IDChanger” call change id RPC on that game object.