On Network GameObject Movment and Rotation Problem.

So I was trying to move and animate my Object Over Network.
I tried using this script

function MovementAround(){

            transform.position += transform.forward * WalkSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
            transform.eulerAngles.y = cameraTarget.transform.eulerAngles.y;   

The GameObject is moving correctly over the network But it’s not rotating around with the rotation of the mainCamera following it.
cameraTarget is a transform of the MainCamera which have the script “MouseOrbit” for the same GameObject.

I have tried to using this script in a Non-network Game and it works perfectly.

Where is the problem then?
Do i have to Observe the rotation or something of the Main Camera using NetworkView or what?

Oh Well I have figured out my Answer myself.

I had to add a Network View component in the MainCamera.
Well It Works now.