[ON SALE - 50% OFF] TerraformingTerrain2D - Universal 2D framework for map reshaping

The TerraformingTerrain2D is available on the Asset Store!

Key features:

  • Make terrain from any image
  • Make terrain from SpriteShape2D
  • Mobile friendly even with 1 thread
  • Runtime zero heap allocation
  • Marching squares algorithm
  • Chunk-based recalculation
  • Customizable outline
  • Editable/savable terrains


Minimum Unity version :

  • 2021.3

Minimum Unity version to use multithreading:

  • 2022.3.13f1
  • 2023.1.20f1
  • 2023.2.0b17
  • 2023.3.0a13

What's more, it is easy intergrated with network frameworks like Photon. Integration with Photon is not the part of the package yet, but you can text me at dunnospace@gmail.com with your Invoice Number and I'll send it to you :)