On Trigger Enter with Child colliders (2D)

I would like to test with OnTriggerEnter/Exit if my 2D player is on the floor. And… that works perfectly. Now my player has a child object which also has a trigger collider that I don’t want to deactivate. The problem is that my player thinks that he is grounded on the floor even though only the child object is touching the floor.
I hope you understand what I mean :confused:

My question: Can I use OnTriggerEnter/Exit to select which trigger collider I use to test whether I am touching the ground? If I can’t, can you tell me how I can solve this?

When you act on dealing with the detection… Parse all the colliders before acting on any of them. In this case you would then be able to see if only the child is touching the floor. Since I have no way of knowing how you set things up… use the child objects name… or store some information in the script of the parent object (just a suggestion)