On Unity, after I add the CharacterController and JavaScript, I keep falling through the cube floor i made, no matter how thick it is! Can someone help me?

When i make a cube for the floor, I put it at exactly 100 wide, .3 tall or larger, and 100 other wide thing. Then, I take an object, and give it the JavaScript scrpt. And then, I press play, and my "Character" falls through the ground (yes, it has the CharacterController)! Another time after I got it working, I fixed it up, then pressed play. I could move up and down, but not side to side. Can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong? ~Somebody Awesomely Random out!~

i think its the character controller, look at the players feet's and see if the character controller is under them. if the character controller is under the feet's the player will start falling under. make sure that the character controller is a bit above the feets. also check and see if the floor has a collider :) if none of this work let me know

to put a collider on the cube, select it, go to component> physics > then pick a box or mesh collider. If you can't move horizontally, it would help if you gave a sample of your current script so someone can see what's going on and help. Oherwise- you're basically asking for someone to fix a car without tools!