On which place is my value in array?

I’m making nice race placing system and what i want to do now is to check on what place (after using MyArray.sort() function) is my value from MyArray after sorting. How do i do that? Script:

var EnemyAI_1 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_2 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_3 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_4 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_5 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_6 : GameObject;
var EnemyAI_7 : GameObject;

function Update () {
	Ship1 = EnemyAI_1.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship2 = EnemyAI_2.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship3 = EnemyAI_3.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship4 = EnemyAI_4.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship5 = EnemyAI_5.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship6 = EnemyAI_6.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship7 = EnemyAI_7.GetComponent(EnemyShipAI).CheckActualPlace;
	Ship8 = gameObject.GetComponent(ActualDistFromFinish).CheckActualPlace;

	var Place = new Array (Ship1,Ship2,Ship3,Ship4,Ship5,Ship6,Ship7,Ship8);

You could create a function that returns an index of a GameObject element in array.

use a builtin GameObject[] array

function indexOf(arr : GameObject[], element:GameObject) {
    var l1 = arr.Length;
    var ind:int = 0;
    for (var i=0; i<l1; i++) {
        if(arr*==element) {*
 *ind = i;*
*<p>and then:*
*var Places: GameObject[] = Place.ToBuiltin(GameObject);*
*var indexInArray = indexOf(Places, Ship2)*